RFID door lock


I am new to Arduino and am thinking of building a RFID door lock with a servo to turn the lock on the existing door lock I have an Arduino Uno, an RFID RC522 Reader, a breadboard, jumper leads and a servo would there be anything else I would need to buy?? also I want a button on the inside so I can unlock the door. any tips would help me a lot

thanks looking forward to hearing from you guys

learn every device separately before building the complete project. Get a good understanding how a servo works, good understanding hwo RFID works etc.

Final tip, do not forget the key in case the RFID is without batteries ;)

Rather than a servo which could have difficulty in connecting to the lock mechanism, try something like this



You will need a power source. The servo might draw as much a 1 Amp so you can't use USB power. You can probably use a 7-9V 1A wall wart although that might be asking too much of the 5V regulator. A 5V 1.5+A regulated power supply connected to the +5V pin (and Ground) should be able to also supply power to the servo.

thanks guys for your advice you guys are awesome