RFID Doorlock with LCD. Now with a new RFID reader

As the headline says.

I decided to order a professional security system for my house, and instead i ordered some new parts.

I want to make a doorlock i can open with RFID tags, and maybe a keypad.

For now i have following parts:

Arduino UNO R3
Arduino Mega 2560 R3
LCD Keypad Shield.
4 x 4 Membrane 16 Key, Keypad for Arduino.
RFID-RC522, RFID reader and 2 tags (1 tag, 1 card).

A lot of small parts as well like pushbuttons, resistors (60 different types), transistors, jumper wires, cables, LED's, Piezo buzzer, Jackstick output, capacitors, breadboards and a lot of other components.

So what i basically want it to do:
When i put a tag in front of the reader i want it to unlock if the tag is correct and registrered. I also want it to turn the servo motor (Not delivered yet), and display something like "Welcome". If the tag is wrong then i just want it to display something like "Try again".

I have loads of LED's (Red, green and yellow).
When the device is turned on, the yellow LED lights up.

If the tag is accepted, then the green LED turns on and the message displays on the LCD.
If the tag is denied, then the red LED turns on and the other message displays on the LCD.

Later on i want to add the keypad to have an optional way of entrance, if i lose my RFID tags.

Furthermore, i would like a programming button that easily can re-program or remove the RFID tag.

Basically what i need is:

I have seen loads of tutorials, but it did not really help me, since none of them contained detailed schematics. The only shared the code, which i can not use if i dont know the schematic.

Sincerely, Kristian.

I tried the RFID reader from Adafruit a while back. Adafruit PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield for Arduino + Extras : ID 789 : $39.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
They have some good documentation about it here - Overview | Adafruit PN532 RFID/NFC Breakout and Shield | Adafruit Learning System

I found this website with info about the RFID-RC522 - RC522 RFID Card Reader/Detector Module Kit, 13.56Mhz - ElectroDragon , they have some documentation and sample code here - RC522 - ElectroDragon

Pin connection

Pin layout should be as follows (on Arduino Uno):

MOSI: Pin 11 / ICSP-4
MISO: Pin 12 / ICSP-1
SCK: Pin 13 / ISCP-3
SS: Pin 10 (Configurable)
RST: Pin 9 (Configurable)

This should get you started.

First, thanks for the quick response.

I looked at the websites, and specially the second website is interesting. There is a demo video (Demo Video of RC522 - YouTube) and there is a code and a libary.

This is what this page (RC522 - ElectroDragon) says:

Pin connection

Pin layout should be as follows (on Arduino Uno):

MOSI: Pin 11 / ICSP-4
MISO: Pin 12 / ICSP-1
SCK: Pin 13 / ISCP-3
SS: Pin 10 (Configurable)
RST: Pin 9 (Configurable)

The only problem is that i cant find SS.
On my RFID reader there are the following layout:


I have done something similar , which was fun.
However if you just want a doorlock, they can be had on ebay for less than you could build one for .
Just depends on what you want to do.

I know i can get one cheaper on Ebay, but i am just looking to build me own :slight_smile:

I just want it to open whenever an RFID tag is placed in front of it :slight_smile:


I used the addafriut rfid shield which is fairly expensive.
It supports both the i2c interface and spi depending on how it is wired.

There are examples in the libraries which will return the uid of a tag.

I used this id to check against a lookup table to open the striker.
There are chinese shields on ebay which use the spi interface for 10 to 15.

The striker / lock were the most expensive bits for me ( 600 euros ).
Not sure as to why the smiley ?

For the lock i am just going to use a servo to turn it :slight_smile:

You need to take it down a notch, because i am really new to this.

I dont really know stuff like:

"It supports both the i2c interface and spi depending on how it is wired."

"There are examples in the libraries which will return the uid of a tag."

"spi interface for 10 to 15".

Do you have a link the RFID reader you bought or the datasheet?

Ill ha e think tomorrow and reply.

Family do tonite.
Sry for delay

This is the reader i bought:

I know its cheap, but since i have to afford all the othet oarts as well, this is what i could get at the moment i ordered.

Dont even excuse :wink: Family comes first :wink:

That reader uses the spi interface.
Its the way it talks to the arduino, the adafruit site where the adafruit shield is described has pointers to the adafruit library which supports both interfaces.
Download this into your ide.

There is an example in the libray called read mifare, modifying that with a writeln statement will output the tag uid to the serial port which you can see.

You should be able to take it from there.

Remember to use the spi example not the i2c one .

Thats probably the best priced reader i have seen.
Be aware though that some of these clones have had reported reliability issues, pot luck there im aafraid.

As far as the connections go you should read up on the spi interface to get an idea of how it works.

There is a fritzing diagram of the connections for these somewhere, just a case of finding it.

Big goof.
Sorry i just noticed that board uses th 522 ic not the 532 that the adafruit shield uses.

The adafruit library may not work with that.


I found this:

I found the DATAsheet as well:

Similar to my project.

But the only thing i need is the wiring.

So i need someone to make a complete Schematic of the project with Servo, LCD display and the arduino and reset buttons and so on.

Of course i will pay for it.
What i basically need:

I need 3 LED's:
A green one that lights up when the card is correct.
A red one that lights up when the card is incorrect.
A orange LED that indicates a button is pushed on the keypad.

I need an LCD which displays when acces is granted or denied.

I need a keypad so i can imput a 4 digit code.

I need a reset button on the arduino to reset all tags or program a new one.

I need a small speaker (Piezo) which gives different sounds if the card is correct or incorrect. i also need the speaker to indicate whether or not a key is pressed.

I now found some sonds (Access granted, access denied) that i want to play when its correct or incorrect.

I dont know how much it would cost to make a schematic.
But i think its not that demanding to make one so im guessing that 20-30$ could do be enough? :slight_smile:

Which shield do i need for the arduino to play different MP3 files when the access is granted or denied?

Since i can only build the project i need both schematics and the code.
Do you think it could be done for 50-60$ in total?

If you are willing to pay for a schematic and code, I would make a post in Gigs and Collaborations.

I just did :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice

How about this?:

I want the reader to look good as well.

I found this as well:

Hey check my new Project, which uses RC522 module