Rfid - general idea problem

Hi, I'm quite newbie with arduino, but still am thinking of duing some rfid-based aplication (in .NET)

I''m asking for help to guide me a bit how to 'catch it'

I'v got : Duemilanove board + Rfid reader (RFIDuino [http://rfid.marcboon.com/#post14]) + tags + Gobetwino + VisualStudio

I'd like to have a small program (f.e. like console in VB) that just reads tags numbers, check them with tags number written in .txt file and do some simple If Loop. It should also write the tags that are read and are already in .txt file to another file.

Than, the other part i think would be playing with that .txt file in VisusalStudio, but that's not the topic for here i guess ;-)

The first part sound quite easy, but i really con't start coding ;/ : * as far as i know arduino doesn't provide read/write to file ? * i may use GobetWino(which i tried and it's working), but i don't find it user friendly ;/ - i mean users would have to download one more program, learn it a bit, etc

So, is there anything You can suggest me ? - maybe i should just call procedure in arduino to start mini- visual studio program (console), but i don't thinking coping with serial port in it is that simple, is it ?

Maybe i should use any other language to do just that simple read/loop/write program- which unfortunatly doesn't seem to be so simple in practice ;- ))

And one more question - does this idea in general sound good for You ?[i mean one simple aplication for hardware part and than playing with tags numbers/databases in Visual Studio]

Uff, that's all for now I'll be extreamly thanfull for ANY opinions, help !

You would be best off just getting the arduino to send the tag number it reads over the serial connections. You should be able to do this simply from the sample code you can get for this board.

Then after that it is simply a matter of reading the serial port with your chosen language (Processing is good easy and free) and playing with the tag numbers as you are sent them.