RFID in bodies implanted

Hi everybody,

Just a question: is it true, that in USA since 23th March 2013 everybody, no one excluse, in the United States must implant a RFID* in his hand ??? And that Mr. Obama allowed it???

Many thanks

*: a Chip, with health care information, name und surname of the person.

Not true. Where'd you hear that? The internet?

:) :) :)

Since I m not in USA... Yes. On the net can you read that Obama signed this bill on March 2010. HS3200 or HC3200 I don t remeber exactly right now. But this bill should have started since 23th March 2013

Well, nobody's attempted to implant anything in me.

Were those same people trying to sell you a bridge?

(@wilhem, you are way too gullible ;))