Hello Guys

I have a problem with the MFRC522 RFID Modul.

I want to use 4 Reader together like this sketch: Multi-RFID/MultiRFID.ino at master · ClueControl/Multi-RFID · GitHub

My wiring is correctly, but in the Serial Monitor i got this Response:

Reader 0: Firmware Version: 0x82 = (unknown)
Reader 1: Firmware Version: 0x82 = (unknown)
Reader 2: Firmware Version: 0x82 = (unknown)
Reader 3: Firmware Version: 0xEE = (unknown)

Does anybody, what the problem could be?

Greets Florikus

The linked sketch only addresses 3 readers so your code must be modified to output the posted text. Post your code and use code tags! Also post a wiring diagram of your setup (may be hand drawn).

My wiring is correctly

Why are you so sure about this?