RFID Modules to single arduino

Hello. This is my first time using this forum.

I am looking to buy preassembled RFID modules and connect them to a single arduino such that, the arduino can detect when the correct tags are placed on the correct RFID module. I would need the arduno to be able to read from the modules all at the same time. Do you guys have any idea of what kind of modules I would need? I have seen posts about using multiple pro minis with RFID readers but I really rather avoid having to assemble them myself. Thanks.

Just a quick correction. I actually need a single module that can control multiple RFID readers and then send the information back to arduino. Thanks.

Can likely go from this to multiple modules with a little wiring between boards, looks like it may use SPI for interfacing?
Connect several in parallel, work out unique slave selects for them.
Worst case, build up a set of buffers/switches so each could be individually read.

Do you think it would be possible to control, say, 10 RFID readers with one arduino? Or would I need one master arduino with 10 slaves?