RFID/NFC Readers which one to chose


I have been looking up RFID / NFC readers but i am a bit lost what to go for.


Few question i was hoping people could help with.

  1. 13.56mhz say they can read up to 1m but can read multiple tags, so if two tags are near a reader what happens will the closest one get read or none?

  2. I want to have a device that will read an RFID tag when they are placed on it. To be honest it does not need to be RFID but i want to have about 2kb of data available. The idea is people will pick up small cubes and place then on various objects and the cube will act depending on where it is placed. All the readers / boards i have seen so far are >£25 which would be expensive if i want >10 cubes, and i wanted to have the cubes around 50mm square. Are there any cheaper options. Only need to read, and range will be <10mm. Smaller the better.

Or is there a better solution to do this, other than RFID that are wireless. what I plan on attaching the tags to are fixed and cant be changed (hold any electronics) which is why i first thought of RFID.

Thank you


been looking more in to this and I see there are some modules using RC522 and some PN532, tags that are NXP NTAG213 NFC

Is there any resource on the internet that lists all the RFIC / NFC standards and comparability?