RFID password management system

I was looking to build a different type of password management system since I'm tired of using USB devices /other password management systems which almost always involve networked items.
This requires 2 parallax RFID read/writers, a tft lcd touchscreen, 2 arduino megas and a SD card and card reader. If you have shaky hands from too much caffeine a soldering iron tip can be used as a stylus pretty effectively.

Right now it reads/writes, has the ability to null the card, and throws the rfid cards data into the copy buffer so you don't have to type the creds. Pretty nifty, at least I think so :P.
A few other things I have in the pipe are implementing read locking on the card, serial identifier requirements, and simple encryption for storage/communication. Once I get those and the new case (rounded edges, no 1/2 inch spacers, 4-40 screwholes) finished I'll upload the STLs for printing.
Right now there are some minor annoyances with the code, but i'm cleaning it up atm. String haters will not be pleased yet :P.

full project details/pics here: http://sollabs.net/NSAA