RFID Project

Hey everyone,
I am using a Stronglink SL032 RFID Scanner to design a parking meter, now the main problem I have with this is that I have no idea how do I go about coding this. Especially since there are no sample codes for the arduino. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can just help me out with the first part basically the login id of the card, once I get the idea how to code it in Arduino I think I can progress on my own.

I have attached the sample code.


ARM-SL032.c (16.3 KB)

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Can you please post link to RFID reader data/specs.

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks.. Tom... :)

Looks like most of the code is 115200-baud serial output and receiving responses, checking for errors and timeouts.

It uses a receive interrupt but you can just as easily use a loop. Looks like the second byte received is the message length-2 so when the received length matches the message length it checks the checksum. The received command is the third byte of the message and the received status is the fourth byte.

Thank you for the reply, but I am pretty new to arduino, so make that sample code compatible with arduino what steps do I take and where exactly do I start. Is there any material I can use to understand this better.

You could take your question to the Gigs and Collaboration forum to see if anyone wants to collaborate on your project (or will do the work for pay).