RFID RC522 can't read my RFID-card

I´m new to all this and bought a Arduino Uno starter-kit, which also includes a RFID-RC522 reader. After I’ve watched some tutorials and moved along with them, I tried to run the Code to read the UID of the RFID card but the serial monitor hasn’t shown anything.
I will attach the Arduino Project to this massage, and here is how I wired it:

RC522 - Arduino
SDA - Pin10
SCK - Pin13
MOSI - Pin11
MISO - Pin12

RST - Pin9
3,3V - 3,3V

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

RFID.ino (1.57 KB)

Post a link to the exact breakout board you're using. Many RC522 breakout boards expect 5V input voltage and do the voltage conversion on-board. If that's not done you may need a I2C compatible level converter to adapt the bus voltage. But as I wrote, that depends on the breakout board used which we don't know.

Be sure the I2C pins have the required pull up resistors. Pull up to 3.3, not 5V. I2C being an open drain output you do not need a lever converter as long as the parts meet the I2C specification. You also show you have the SPI connected, this makes it very confusing. It would help a lot if you included a Schematic, not a frizzy thing, showing the circuit as you built it and all the power and ground connections.

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