RFID RC522 - Help - stop constant reading

Hi, I hope this is posted in the appropriate place.

I’m new to Arduino and RC522 so please bear with me. I expect this is simple for someone experienced.

I want to send a simple integer to Pure Data so, I’ve read the first str from an RFID card and assigned an integer to it. I’d like to halt the reader and/or card after that int is sent until there is no card present. Other than this persistent send, my system is working and PD is receiving and doing as I’d like.

Alternatively, another solution might be to read the card, send the int, delay, then send PD a reset integer (not from the card, even if the card is present).

If anyone can help me, please see my attached code. I have included the ‘halt’ but i can’t seem to make it execute.

thank you.