RFID RC522 - Tag's problem :-/

Hi everybody,

I am building a RFID reader around the RC522 module using the MFRC522 library.
Everything is working fine with the Tags provided with the module.
However it’s not working with a bunch of other tags I got whose got apparently the same chips. I am just curious to understand why… I got 100’s of them :frowning: . I attached photos of Tags details (scanned with nxp apps)

Thanks for your help


Hi mytrax

You could try testing the tags using the rfid library from here:

It has a DumpInfo example program which may give more information on the problem tags.



Hi Hackscribble and thank you for your answer,

This is the library I am using. The Dumpinfo doesn't show nothing with the concerned tags :-/

Do you mean it does not recognise that a card has been scanned? So no output at all?

yes exactly :-(