RFID reader and 3 antennas


I want to have a (LF or HF or UHF) RFID reader and connect 3 (PCB) antennas to it. I was thinking that it would be less messy if I multiplex antennas and wire them into one input, because number of antennas might jump to a higher number.

How can I do the multiplexing from multiple different antennas? Where are the problems?

Are there any recommended RFID shields for arduino platforms, possibly HF (13.56 MHz)?

Everybody with suggestions is more than welcomed!

So, you are ignoring everything that has been explained to you in your other thread?

Check time stamps, Paul.

I am grateful for every single post. I know people - in this case: KenF, JimboZA, Grumpy Mike and Paul__B (you) - are trying to guide, help me and investing their time in matters outside their direct benefit.