RFID reader fun and games

I'm trying to make use of a cheap 13.56Mhz Mifare RFID tag reader and I've hit a problem with it.

The reader pretends to be a USB keyboard to enter the tag's code. Unfortunately, I need TTL data.

I have opened it up and found the data path before the USB encoding chip. Unfortunately I cant make any sense of it.

The outputting chip has the label "0C002 C2B5" on it, and spits out 17 bytes @ 9600 baud.

The output does not seem to have any resemblance to the card's number as reported by the reader, and I cant figure out how to decode it. Looking up the chip is also a dead end. I'm hoping it is some (semi) obvious standard that I have missed.

BD 06 27 20 22 23 27 1E 03 BD 05 24 25 23 23 28 03 = 0356017866 BD 06 27 20 27 21 20 26 03 BD 05 27 24 21 24 28 03 = 0304390747 BD 06 27 20 27 21 21 26 03 BD 05 1E 20 22 22 28 03 = 0304491355

Anyone want to point out my stupid and obvious mistake?


Those 17 bytes seem to be two command replies:

'BD' is the start of a reply Length Command Status Data... Checksum

Unfortunately none of the 'commands' seem to be in the normal MiFare set. You may have to find documents for your reader.

Sorted it out (with a little help!)

H1 H2 01 02 03 04 05 06 C1 H3 H4 07 08 09 10 C2 C3

H1 = Start of packet H2 = ID of packet type (first section) C1 = End of packet Ident H3 = Start of packet H4 = 2nd section ID C2 = End of data C3 End of packet

01==>10 decimal values of data + 0x27 (39)

Seems to decode properly when done this way


P.S to anyone looking up the chip at a later date. On my board at least, the breakout header is only used for power. For data you need to listen between the chips.

P.P.S I hate it too when you google for an answer and just find people asking the same question all the time. Your welcome :P

hi I m using MIFARE OEM ver3.0 RS 232 RFID module with ARDUINO UNO. I need a code and how to interface these two. Plz Help Rajedera