RFID Reader reads only 1 time in range

I have this module: ebaylink. I have a problem: this reader reads only one time when a tag is in range. For example, when I drag a passive tag to the RFID reader, it reads one time and I want it to read one more time but it doesn't; this RFID reader does not read more than one time when an RF tag is in range.

I want it to read every tag more than one time when passive tags are in range. Here is an example video; this is working in the same way, I guess. The RFID reader module is waiting for the tag to go out of range before reading again.

I used the mfrc522 before; it reads everything when the tags are in range. when I put a tag on the mfrc522, it would read as long as the tag was within range.

How can I do the same? Is there a solution? Thank you.

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Here is just what I want. I want to put the card in this way, and even if I do not move the card, I want the RFID reader module to read the tag continuously.

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what library do you use with your ebaylink module?

I don't use library, it only has a Tx pin, the communication is one way. . Here is a code, arduinoforumlink . The software isn't the problem because I tried with only 5V and GND too nothing change. I tried code again nothing change.

if the module is build in a way that it only transmit ONCE the presence of a card and there is no communication if there is no card or the same card stays in front, then you are toast.... (unless there are options on the board. for example if a LED stays on as long as a card is in front of the antenna, then may be you can hack into that LED's power to get a signal)

Thank you, when I put closer the tag to antenna, led only blinks. Even I hold the tag in range. I don't know how to hack this.

it requires to explore what drives the LED and if you can piggyback that signal and then detect the blinking in your arduino code

Hello again @lentilcapacitor.

Just a thought... the board has a 4th pin... called RST (Reset). I do not know what it does (it was not explained in the documentation I received)... BUT it is possible that it resets the board.

So Once a card is read you could try sending that pin a high (or maybe low) signal to see if the board resets. If you can manage that then it might be possible that the card will be read again.

Okay, thank you.

I found this.I defined reset as output. I am giving 0 but It doesn't work.

send a pulse. HIGH LOW HIGH with a bit of delays so that it stays LOW say for 100ms for example

As @J-M-L said... you probably need to send a pulse. So set high normally, then drop for x milliseconds. Keep varying x.

Okay. Thank you, I will try it and let you know.

Thank you, I will try it and let you know.

Thank you. I did it. First low then high.

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