RFID reader switch from serial to SPI? ICSH008A


Just bought the ICSH008A rfid tag reader: http://www.icstation.com/icstation-mifare-wifi-board-rc522-rfid-1356mhz-module-wireless-module-arduino-writer-reader-card-p-4154.html

It has a serial connection, but on the website it says that it can support SPI as well, I think. Does anyone know how to make this work? I cannot use serial connection for my project.

While the chip itself is capable of SPI and I2C communications, the board itself is not wired up fore these. I don’t know if it is easy to hack the board but it will involve cutting a couple of tracks to enable other modes, then you need to bring the pins out to a connector. See the RC552 data sheet for what chip pins need to be set to what levels for the interface you require. Some RFID reader based on this chip can only be used as SPI and unfortunately the tracks you have to cut to change the mode are under the chip so you can’t get at them.

Why can you not use software serial on your project?

Okay thanks for your answer!

I tried with the software serial but I can’t get it to work with the rfid reader. On their website it says that the rfid reader operates at baud 115200, yet this does not work with software serial. I have tried with ICstation’s own arduino code example, and changed the code to use software serial, but this does not work.

So either your board is faulty or you are doing it wrong.