RFID Reader Vs Servo Motors

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I m building a Robot Which contains High Range RFID Reader(Range : 1 Meter to 1.5 Meter) and Above that i'm using Four Servo Motors for actuating a Mechanism.... But Whenever the RFID is ON... Servo Motors sounds and Vibrates... RFID is OFF,No Sound or Vibration... So, 1. Is the RF Waves (RFID) will make problems in Servo Motor working ? 2. How to solve that (Any insulation or Other kind of materials may protect the Servos from RF)....

How are you powering the servos and RFID reader?

If you are powering all of that from your arduino, you have found your problem. For the servos and the RFID reader, consider an external power supply. The arduino will not supply enough current to drive all of that properly .

justinhalek : Thanks for the Quick replay justinhalek
Both RFID(9V) and Servos(5V) are powered from different Voltage regulator… The Regulators are Higher Amp regulators.so, i Assume The Current rating is Sufficient for Both… Can the RF waves make the internal circuit of the Servo Motors make problem?

Usually a Servo is a DC motor, and an optical sensor. so i dont know why RF would be a huge problem.

When you say powered of a diffrent voltage regulator... what are you using for a power supply? whats the output of the power supply? is the same supply also powering the arduino ?

EDIT: just read that more carefully. i understand both objects are regulated to different voltages, but what are you supplying power with ?

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justinhalek : Its like this.... Here RFID works on 9V,Servo 5V,Arduino 12V External DC supply... All these devices are powered from Same 12V lead acid battery...