RFID Reader with Arduino

Hi Everyone!

I have an RFID Reader that i know very little about. All that is written on it is that it is a ACG HF Mifare type 6055. It has a 10 pin female header on the cable.

Does anyone know what interface this is using and are there any tutorials you know of that could help me control it.

All i want to do is have 2 RFID cards, one valid and one invalid. Swipe the valid one -> Green light, Swipe the invalid one -> Red Light.

Thanks in advance


Sounds like the HID (hidglobal.com) Model 6055B MIFARE Reader.


nope that doesn't seem to be it. I think its made/sold? by easy logic....

I guess the make of RFID reader it is isn't too important. does anyone know what interface/protocol it likely uses?