RFID reading with SSRFID v1.0 chip

Hi Arduino family.
I’ve aquired a chip known as the SSRFID V1.0, RFID read/write board. It was bought from ebay, simular to this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Serial-UART-13-56MHZ-RFID-Reader-Writer-Module-with-Cards-Arduino-Compatible-/130649910994?pt=BI_Electrical_Equipment_Tools&hash=item1e6b576ed2

I’ve followed through with the manufacters documentation, and don’t seem to be able to get the thing to work. I can’t seem to be finding an issue, and was hoping you lovely people could help me out? Here is the code I’m using:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial mySerial(2, 3); //pin2 Rx, pin3 Tx
void setup()
Serial.println("Serial number will be displayed here if a card is detected by the module:\n");
// set the data rate for the SoftwareSerial port
mySerial.write(0x02); //Send the command to RFID, please refer to RFID manual
void loop() // run over and over
if (mySerial.available())
Serial.print(mySerial.read(),HEX); //Display the Serial Number in HEX
if (Serial.available())

I’ve connected the device up as shown in the test documentation (below). The module is showing the expected LED’s on boot, and when the RFID card is passsed near, yet there is nothing being shown in the serial after the line “Serial number will be displayed here if a card is detected by the module:”. Has anyone got any thoughts on this?

The manual for the device is here: [www.elechouse.com/elechouse/images/product/13.56MHZ_RFID_Module/RFID with Arduino.pdf](http://www.elechouse.com/elechouse/images/product/13.56MHZ_RFID_Module/RFID with Arduino.pdf)
The test documentation for the device is here: http://www.elechouse.com/elechouse/images/product/13.56MHZ_RFID_Module/RFID%20with%20Arduino.pdf


Nothing from anyone on any help for this? I thought this would be a good place to ask...

I've connected the device up as shown in the test documentation (below).

Please clarify. Exactly what on the Arduino is connected to what on the reader?

My son and I had a hard time figuring out this reader prior to them updating for 1.0. I just looked back at my notes in the sketch when we had it working.

My note says wire TX to RX and RX to TX so try switching your wires on 2 and 3.
It was a big deal for us to originally figure out as well that standard serial was interfering with the USB connection :slight_smile: that was when we first used softwareserial.

We have two of these units and we see a bug all the time. Scan card A no problem. Scan card B but bring it in slowly or pull it away quickly. It will often report the card ID of card A. I think when it gets a partial scan, it sends the last card in its buffer. I'm not sure how to clear that buffer or devise another workaround.