RFID system with on-line management

Modular system for managing keychains, cards for opening electronic doors.
The system consists of three SQL tables, one in which the complete history of card attachment with their addresses is kept, the second is the list of authorized cards and the third list of unauthorized cards attached so far.

Directly in a modular system, you can manually or simply add a key / card to your system as an authorized one to open the door. In the role of the control microcontroller, the NodeMCU sends a request after attaching the card to its own / web-based webserver, from which the response is returned, whether the card is authorized and the access is enabled, the door is unlocked for a limited time.

The RC522 reader at 13.56MHz can read MiFare tags, cards, ISIC cards, bus cards and credit cards.
The reader reads the physical MAC address of the card that is sent to the database.
You can also find the source program directly in the web interface.

The web interface offers a real-time view, so the card / keypad will be instantly updated. The entire system is behind login for the safe use of administrators. The administrator can have a static or dynamic login with the option to change according to the agreement.