RFID to PHP using USB

I’ve taken up a project where I have coded a php driven application for a logistics company here in Thailand. It’s purpose is to log down all payments to all the drivers along with a running balance. Think of it almost as a POS program but without the Sale portion.

In addition to this, we need a way to identify drivers, and since we can purchase 500 RFID tags for about 100 - 150usd, I thought a viable and cost effective solution would be to use an Arduino to pass the serial data of the RFID and match it to the driver. I could do this quite easily but I want to be able to get the data from the Arduino directly into PHP somehow. If possible. With the php serial class, is that a one way street? I see plenty of topics based on sending data to the arduino from PHP but nothing for the other way round.

Could someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks a million in advance guys and girls! :slight_smile:

So after some more searching, I've discovered the php serial class (http://www.phpclasses.org/package/3679-PHP-Communicate-with-a-serial-port.html) and read that it is r/w on Linux, which is great since Linux is all we use here. Still, any idea's would be great!