RFID usage for application

Hi all,

My problem is that, I need RFID reader and passive Tags that are able to work with at least 30-100cm. And I don't know any example how to solve this question :confused:
I need your assistance and guidance.!!! :slight_smile:

Your problem is that passive tags do not work at that distance. Only active tags do. And, active tags and readers are expen$ive.

But some sources said that passive rfid tags can operate up to 3m
( for example at http://atlasrfid.com/jovix-education/auto-id-basics/active-rfid-vs-passive-rfid/)
And some say that distance depend on radio range and antenna style.
And where the truth?

RFID Passive long range reader cost big $$$

Use Active RFID instead of

Use Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy