Rfid webserver

Hi guys , so i am working to a project and i am trying to make a database with some rfid uid (readed from tags). So far i read the rfid sensor(rc522) data with arduino using avr in atmel studio and spi protocol and then i sended this UID using uart communication from arduino to nodecmu esp8266 and printed it on serial monitor , I also created the webserver using esp8266 and hotspot from my mobile phone . The problem is i don't know how to send that sensor data , the uid from tag/card from esp8266 to the actual webserver so i can see it there . i read that it can be done using php or mysql and things like that but i don't really know what's better . Any help would be appreciated

I'm facing same problem, I whant to send serial data to local NodeMcu webserver but I don't know how.
Did you manage to do it?
Any suggestion?