This post is particularly to Nick, am I over reacting?? but all comments welcome.....

It would seem that the makers are not keen to discuss the issues surrounding credit and debit card security, whilst the banks continue to find new easy ways to pay for train journeys with walk and drive past swipe payments - just one of the many RFID useful 'easy day ' functions

So far my research is alarming and worrying. I find that devices can be relatively easily constructed that render security systems pretty useless and leave the door wide open for abuse. Which in fact is what is happening.

Many of the issues keep coming back to the type of computer engineering in which you have substantial expertise.

I would like your opinion on the state of the industry, I am a materials handling engineer and have been asked to write an article on RFID and every time I search the same topics keep popping up - should we be concerned ? What is you personal opinion ?

PS I also found this too?

Arduino Wiegand Interface Parts List: 1 HID ProxPro II 5455 Reader 1 Arduino Pro Micro 5V 1 MicroSD Card Breakout Board for Arduino 1 MicroSD card 1 DPDT Switch, small enough to fit in mounting holes on HID reader 1 9V Battery 1 MicroUSB connector 1 9V Battery connector OPTIONAL: 1 16×2 Character Serial Enabled LCD screen 5V

Isn't everything wide open for abuse? I once saw a TV documentary on card-skimming at ATMs (those fake covers criminals put over the machine containing their equipment), and when we got to see a clip of the fake panel being removed, I distinctly remember red and blue solder mask on some rather familiar looking breakout boards... :roll_eyes:

I plan to opt out of contactless payment until it's literally forced upon me... not necessarily through security fears but more because it's technology I just don't need.


I'm not really a fan of contactless payment. I want authentication on both ends, not just some ID thats transmitted out in the clear. It amazes me how insecure out existing systems are, though. Letting a waiter or waitress disappear with your credit card for 10 - 15 minutes? Paying someone by scribbling some text on a piece of paper?

PS I also found this too?

Arduino Wiegand Interface

What has that to do with anything. Wiegand is just an interface standard.

It is one thing reading an open ID from a smart card. It is another getting at the data inside it. People often confuse one with the other.