RFM 22b -Home automation

HI guys,

I am working on a college project to establish reliability in Home Automation by using Uni-Directional nodes operated at 868 MHz.I have gone through various available wireless transmission techniques(z-wave, EnOcean...) but came to know those technologies use their own tranmission protocols. I have heard about transmission using RFM 22b which operates at 868 MHz, but did not find any info about transport protocol of RFM 22b, Information on RF 22b and how can it be used for transmission using unidirectional nodes would be help

Hi, welcome to the forum.

That is an HopeRF chip.
This is the manufacturers page : http://www.hoperf.com/rf/fsk_module/RFM22B.htm
There are many documents to read on that page.

The RadioHead library supports it : RadioHead: RadioHead Packet Radio library for embedded microprocessors

Thank you for the answer. It was helpful.