rfm12 tranceiver interfering with each other...

I am using a pair of jeenodes outside to send temperature data to a pair of jeenodes with lm35 temperture sensors inside: set one: rf12_initialize(1,RF12_915MHZ, 200) set two: rf12_initialize(5,RF12_915MHZ, 212)

I could log one or the other but not both simultaneously.

then I tried using a single outside jeenode to send to both inside units...all were set to node 5, 915, 212 using rmfdemo. same result.

I can log serial data from one OR the other but not both. First i tried using two usb ports on the same computer, careful to uninstall hidden or unused comports in device manager(windows explorer). Only the first comport to be initialized would work. Then I hooked up a second computer so both systems were separate. Exactly the same result...I can log on one or the other but not 2 jeenodes (usb version3) at the same time.

The sketch works fine, I've been using it for some years now to log to a single computer. I wanted to get a second one set up in a nearby room but right now the two computers are side by side.

Has anyone seen this happen before?

I can post the inside and outside sketches ...they do work but they are 13k and the other is about half that. I was just wondering if there is some common problem with cross talk between different groups?

I thought I could set node, frequency and group with " rf12_initialize(1,RF12_915MHZ, 200) ;"

I'm probably all wet, but I reflashed each jeenode with the RFDEMO example code and set them that way. Now the two pair are logging serical data into separate computers side by side.

What does is the purpose of "rf12_initialize" ?

Really sorry...I was jumping to conclusions but I found the info on setting this up and will now get it right. Just set me on fire and sweep away the ash.

found the answer (i hope) here: http://jeelabs.net/pub/docs/jeelib/RF12_8cpp.html#ae7a1f266873490b51e0fbe12a4fdf0d1