RFM12b + Leonardo not working

Hello All,

I am trying to get up and running HOPE RFM12B modules 433MHz + Leonardo based on information on Jeelab page.

All seems to be connected as per schematic but so far no success. Could you advice if this rough setup/wiring will be bad for SPI 2MHz clock? or problem could be somewhere else?

Here is my prototype picture i have such setup 2x and cant get working. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4549826/rfm12b_leonardo.jpg

I tried RF12demo sketch and i set id 1 and 2 group 212 as per sketch and freq 433 but while doing broadcast test still no OK

could you advice how to debug it and how to make it running. i need to have it on Leonardo and i want to emulate HID keyboard.

br Dan

could you advice how to debug it

Debug what? I don't see any code.

More general meaning of debug/troubleshoot
as i am using example code included with library
[edit] as attachement

I assume it is correct and problem is with wiring or quality of wiring etc


RF12demo.ino (22.4 KB)

I don't do dropbox stuff. That's a great source of viruses. Attach your code, if it is to big to post, using the Additional Options link below the text entry area.

As mentioned before i am not an author of this code and i assume this it works, and problem in my setup is more general.

but can't find where, and i am stuck with this.

br Dan