RFM12b with Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v to communicate with ByeByeStandby

I've been using RFM12b chips for a while now to communicate between different sensors around the house and they've been working fine.

I've also got a number of ByeByeStandby mains sockets so I thought a natural progression would be to try to control those using another RFM12b/Arduino combination.

I'm starting by trying to receive commands from the ByeByeStandby remote (which is 433.92mHz according to the sticker on the back of the remote).

My usual RMF12b initialisation code looks like this:

// Initialise as node 1, group 53, 433mHz
rf12_initialize(0x41, RF12_433MHZ, nodeId);

to which I've added the following to set the specific frequency within the band:


which I've calculated should set 433.92mHz (using the JeeLabs RFM12 calculator). As far as my limited understanding of things goes, that should be all I have to do to receive signals from the ByeByeStandby remote. From what I can find online they use FSK rather that OOK/ASK so I haven't done any hardware reconfiguration of the RFM12b chip.

The only problem is I don't see a thing from the ByeByeStandby remote? No random bytes, nothing. Are there steps I'm missing?