RFM12B working on Nano but not in UNO

Hi Everyone,

i am testing for my RFM12B Modules the jeelab library.

I achieved to communicate between 2 Nanos, but now if i Use the Uno the Program doesnt finish the “void start-up”. It is like is frozen. :o :o

I have tested if its my Arduino but with a friend´s Ardu Mega doesnt work as well.
:relaxed: :roll_eyes:

Can you maybe help me??

Code Im using:

#include <JeeLib.h>  //from jeelabs.org

#define myNodeID 25          //node ID of tx (range 0-30)
#define network     210      //network group (can be in the range 1-250).
#define RF_freq RF12_868MHZ     //Freq of RF12B can be RF12_433MHZ, RF12_868MHZ or RF12_915MHZ. Match freq to module

typedef struct { int power1, power2, power3, battery; } PayloadTX;      // create structure - a neat way of packaging data for RF comms
PayloadTX emontx;  
                                            //emonTx V3
void setup() {
  rf12_initialize(myNodeID,RF_freq,network);   //Initialize RFM12 with settings defined above  
Serial.println("RFM12B Transmitter - Simple demo");

 Serial.print("Node: "); 
 Serial.print(" Freq: "); 
 if (RF_freq == RF12_433MHZ) Serial.print("433Mhz");
 if (RF_freq == RF12_868MHZ) Serial.print("868Mhz");
 if (RF_freq == RF12_915MHZ) Serial.print("915Mhz"); 
 Serial.print(" Network: "); 


void loop() {
    rf12_sendNow(0, &emontx, sizeof emontx);                    
  Serial.print("power1: "); Serial.println(emontx.power1); 
  Serial.print("power2: "); Serial.println(emontx.power2); 
  Serial.print("power3: "); Serial.println(emontx.power3); 
  Serial.print("battery: "); Serial.println(emontx.battery); 
  Serial.println("  "); 

And thats what i get from my Ardu:

It doesnt end to display the first serial.print in startup…why this? it a SCI problem or what?

Thanks in advance