RFM69 Sending Failure

Hi I'm trying to get the RFM69 rf module to work on an arduino uno.

Here is my code:

#include <SPI.h>
// Addresses for this node. CHANGE THESE FOR EACH NODE!
#define NETWORKID     0   // Must be the same for all nodes (0 to 255)
#define MYNODEID      2   // My node ID (0 to 255)
#define TONODEID      1   // Destination node ID (0 to 254, 255 = broadcast)
// RFM69 frequency, uncomment the frequency of your module:
//#define FREQUENCY   RF69_433MHZ
#define FREQUENCY     RF69_915MHZ

// Create a library object for our RFM69HCW module:
RFM69 radio;

void setup()
  // Open a serial port so we can send keystrokes to the module:  
  Serial.print("Node ");
  Serial.println(" ready");  

   if(radio.initialize(FREQUENCY, MYNODEID, NETWORKID))
     Serial.println("Initialized Successful");

  radio.setHighPower(); // Always use this for RFM69HCW

void loop()
     bool test = radio.sendWithRetry(TONODEID, "Hi", 2);

which outputs

Node 2 Ready
Initialization Successful
Node 2 Ready
Initialization Successful

which means that the sendWithRetry function is not returning a bool as expected, but I can't figure out why. I am using the code given in the github RFM69HCW_Breakout/RFM69.cpp at master · sparkfun/RFM69HCW_Breakout · GitHub which shows the nitty gritty of the RF69 Module and its arduino code.
I hooked up the hardware according to RFM69HCW Hookup Guide
and checked all the wiring, so the I concluded that the problem was software based.

Any ideas why this isn't working?

is the code you posted complete code, that complies correctly ?

Sparkfun publish that code for one of thier modules, it would be unusual for such code to be faulty ...........

Where is the code for the other RFM69?

You get the message that the module is Initialised, now what other RFM does it communicate with

If you keep getting this displayed message repeated over and over, that is the setup part of your code.
Your UNO is possibly RESETTING all the time.

Can you post a picture of your project and a circuit diagram please?

Tom.... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Seems unlikely. There is no #include for a library to control the radio.

Have you tried any of the examples that are part of that library? I think there's one called TxRxBlinkey which is fairly simple.

I use RFM69 devices and the code from Low Power Lab - which is where the Sparkfun code comes from, and have not had any problems with it using my own modules.

You don't set the encryption key. I can't recall off the top of my head if the radio modules power up with a default key or not.



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