RFM69CW, Arduino Due and Ethernet shiel ( als Master)

i am actually doing my Thesis with Arduino Due, Ethernet shield and Funkmodule RFM69CW… The problem now ist on the Due Board the is an SPI connections but it is allready used with the Ethernet Shield so i cant use it for RFM69CW and i read on google with Due the MISO=50; MOSI=51; SCK= 52. But the problem is that when i connect my RFM69CW with those pin 50, 51, 52 , it doesnt work…How can i initialize my MOSI, MISO and SCK? Can you guys please help me solve the problem?
Thanks in advance

i read on google with Due the MISO=50; MOSI=51; SCK= 52.

Where did you see that ?

For SPI connections, either DUE as Master or as a slave, you want to use the ICSP header (not the one close to the jack).

An example of connection here:


If the shield prevents you from connecting a sensor to the ICSP header (I don't know), USART0 and USART1 can be programmed in SPI Master mode, or use a screw shield like the one offered here (a Mega screw shield but works for the DUE too):


i did it ( i have connected my RFM69 also to the ICSP on due ) but it didnt work out....and i cant change my due board because its been giving from the Professor


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