RFM69HW and using RadioHead lib

Hi guys,

A newbee here. Trying to setup 2 wifi nodes using RFM69HW module and 2 arduino UNOs as per this instructable;

The code’s not compiling due to lib issues (seems like). Anyone else had this issue when taking on the new RadioHead lib which is supposed to support ALL of RFM69 lib features which the code is supposed to be based off.

Hope someone can help.


Gateway_RFM.ino (4.23 KB)

anyone who can help?

It's supposed to work for all of them, and probably will with enough tweaking. Not easy supporting lots of hardware. It might help you to pick the simplest example you can find that you can then get to work, see what it's doing and how that differs from the example you want to work, and make changes. May not be nearly as simple as picking up the instructable and having things automatically work. Also, you should probably ask at the instructable.

I switched to this library to initially get things working: http://lowpowerlab.com/moteino/#programming, the RF69 library there, and went with the node/gateway example. One thing they should point out at the instructable is that those RF modules run at 3.3V, and expect all inputs to be 3.3V, but three of your output data lines - SCK, MOSI, and CSS are usually at 5V. That will eventually damage (kill) the RF module.