RFQ - Arduino/C# developer for specific project

collaboration product company that integrates many collaboration type​ devices and software products.

We are looking for a programmer for a specific contract. The programmer must have the following qualifications:

  • proven experience with Arduino hardware and software
  • proven experience writing Windows c#.net code communicating with Arduinos

The goal is for one computer ("host") to send mouse move events to another computer ("slave").

On the "slave" computer the mouse events must appear as a standard Windows HID USB mouse.

On the "host" computer, our software will call a c# library to send mouse movements, calibration, etc.

Your job will be to develop the hardware and the c# software API to meet the above goal.

Other considerations:

  • The mouse/touch events may need to be scaled/streched etc.
  • There may need to be a mouse registration type event
  • The software on the host must be callable from Windows c# .Net
  • Upon completion we will have unrestricted use of the software. We can negotiate other rights.
  • North America preferred, must have skype and a good internet connection​

Please PM with your experience (listed above) and any questions. This will be a fixed price quote.


Where does the Arduino part come in play? Other than in the experience requirement I don't see this at all in your post.

On top of that, about 99% of the details/specific requirements that would be needed to consider a quote are missing from your request.