RFzero: GPS controlled RF signal source with focus on RF spectrum performance

The RFzero is a multi-purpose GPS controlled RF unit that uses a u-blox GPS receiver and a SiLabs Si5351A for RF. It can be used as a beacon (IBP, SPB, CW, FT4, FT8, JS8, JT9, PI4, WSPR, …), signal generator, VFO, QO-100 dual LO, low cost GPSDO, e.g. for 10 MHz, or … Furthermore, is the RFzero an Arduino compatible platform. So it is possible for you to write or modify the software yourself. More than 25 Arduino sketches, are integrated into the Arduino IDE for easy upload to the RFzero.

The RFzero can generate frequencies from 2289 Hz and beyond 280 MHz. At the same time 28 I/O pins are available and eight of those are via an ULN2803A power driver. The programming and configuration are done via the USB port.

The RFzero has been developed for radio amateurs, RF enthusiasts and everyone else who wants to extend their Arduino skills in combination with RF. The RFzero board is largely compatible with the Arduino Zero and Arduino M0+ boards. However, it has been carefully designed for flexible use in RF applications and with attention to the frequency spectrum and stability performance.

See much more here: https://www.rfzero.net/

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