RG LED Matrix SparkFun Style - Arduino!

So this is was my second test with the Arduino. I first started to work on a small CharliePlex demo and quickly moved to the SparkFun LED Matrix. I got the RG first - and this was the result of my experimentation.

Thanks to many on the Forum for code insights, help and pointers!

YouTube Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QGt-y2Ivn4


The one part I think I did weird was the shifting of data from right to left - where I took an array and did a loop to move each value down one. I know there is a better way but I am just getting up to speed on my byte math!

I'll try to post my code online once I get it all neat and pretty!

i like LOVE the color mixing, its awesome how it turns from red to yellow to green gently, it just looks awesome, and it's only 2 colors, simply amazing!


Hmm even more fun with RGB and rotating colors on the display! Lots of moving action going on now! :)

Well done. It looks great.

Any chance of sharing the code? I've been working on getting my RGB Matrix to scroll but with no joy so far.

Thanks in advance.