Hello, what are the code for set a pixel x,y,z (plane, row, column)?

SetPixel (x,y, r,g,b) have not plane reference!!!!!!!

Have code example for to set all pixel one by one of all 64 pixel of cube 4x4x4 ?

Thanks you.

How you set the cube depends on the type of cube you have, which you don’t tell us. You also don’t explain where the SetPixel() call comes from (what library, who wrote it, etc).

It is impossible for anyone to answer this question with he information provided, really.

In case you want to explore something different, there is a device independent cube library at GitHub - MajicDesigns/MD_Cubo: LED Cube Library (hardware independent) that you can use as a starting point, but thi is for medium experienced users and you will need to know how your cube works.