RGB led and ping pong ball


i am currently working on a project that involves working with RGB leds. i am trying to project the color generated inside a ping-pong ball, as i seen in lots of projects. the problem is that beside the color i want, there are 2 more projected inside the ball.to give you a better idea of what i am talking about i uploaded a pic here. well, i didn't see that 'mix of colors' on other people projects, take for example this one. how is that achieved?


Is the "mess of color" inline with the end of the LED? If so, then likely the led itself is projecting them via lensing; ie, its not diffuse from the LED. What you could try is to diffuse the LED some by roughening it with some sandpaper (or find diffuse RGB LEDs)...

Another way to diffuse the light is to put some hot glue on the LED, or even just some tissue paper inside the ball.

the mess of color is projected right on top of the led. i will try sandpapering it because i don't have a hot glue at my disposal, hope it works.


are any of this leds, diffuse RGB leds?

thx for your replies.

I've been using a cotton ball to diffuse my RGB LED and it works wonderfully. You could try just stuffing some of a cotton ball inside your ping pong ball.

Hope that helps!

You can also frost the LEDs by using a small amount of plastic solvent and wiping it off quickly.

actually i bought a glue gun, didn't know they were only 15$, hope it works out.

but i have run into some other trouble: my project is based on arduino single side serial with mega8, due to low availability for mega168/328 in my country. i need to drive 2 separate RGB leds in project but mega8 has only 3 pins which can use analogWrite().is there a way to drive this 2 leds with mega8 using something like a shift-register IC ? note: the 2 leds will display 2 different colors, one generated by arduino and one controlled with 3 potentiometers by the user.