RGB LED Color changing depending on Audio Signals

Hey together,

i am pretty now to Arduino but i guess its just great! Now i have to realize a project with the following specs:

I need to make some RGB LEDs from LillyPad change their color depending on the sound which is recorded with a mic. Actually it's an equalizer only with colors.

What i wanted to know from you is the following:

1.) What hardware setup would fit these specs? 2.) Can you give me some hints on processing audio? Looks like i have to implemet a code that changes the color of the RGB depending on the discrete frequency of the audio signal. I have seen some FFT tutorials on the play ground. Are there any other approaches. DO you have some reading infos?

Thanks in advance!


While you can go down the FFT route it is a bit complex probably the simplest is to get some hardware that will do the splitting for you. Look at this link:- http://skoba.no-ip.org/msgeq7/index.html

For getting sound into the system see the circuit at:- http://interface.khm.de/index.php/labor/experimente/arduino-realtime-audio-processing/