RGB LED controlled using IR Remote

I am using the ELEGOO Super Starter Kit from amazon. I wanted to build a program that switches on the RGB led (with the RGB light) and switches of the RGB led after clicking on the power button. I have tried using a whole bunch of online resources, but even after a bit of tweaking, I have not been able to get it working. Any Ideas for the code and wiring?

Main idea would be to post your code, following the forum guidelines. Then explain what is wrong.

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The IRremote library (available through the IDE library manager) has example code to show how to use it. Beware of code for the IRremote library on the net. It is likely written for an older version of the library and may not work right.

What type of RGB LED are you using? Is there a data sheet or something that shows its pinout? The same question for the IR detector/decoder.

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What is the power button? Arduinos don't have power buttons as far as I know.

It is the power button on the Elegoo IR remote. Here is a picture for reference

Would a Wiring diagram do?

It would help because at this point I know nothing.

Is there a way to make one? I have two different wiring diagrams from two different sites.

Didn't your kit come with a manual? Like this one? Go to page 47 for the RGB LED project.

Yes It did, but I decided to mash two projects together: The rgb led and the IR Reciever.
I believe I will have to make a wiring diagram

I see. Here is a tutorial on making schematics. For the forum, you can just hand draw a schematic, photograph and post it.

But, now I know what you want to do and what you have to do it I can better help you. So have a go at making the schematic and writing the code and I will be glad to help if you get stuck.

Is this a school project?

Nope, I was very interested in Arduino. The only thing I don't like is that I can't use python.

Arduino is programmed using C++. There are lots of tutorials on C++ on line.

I don't use Python. Never learned it. Never had a use for Python in my 10 years of using Arduino. If I write code on the PC for use with Arduino, I use Processing. That is not to say to not learn Python. It seems to be an up and coming language and may be valuable to know. Just not for me.

Honestly I'll share some working code I already have. This adds 255 red If you press 1, If you press 2 it adds 255 green to the led, If you press 3 it adds 255 blue. However, If you press 4 it removes 255 red, If you press 5 it removes 255 green and if you press 6 it removes 255 blue.
It doesnt let me add a file....

#include "IRremote.h" //include the library
#define Button_1 0xFF30CF
#define Button_2 0xFF18E7
#define Button_3 0xFF7A85
#define Button_4 0xFF10EF
#define Button_5 0xFF38C7
#define Button_6 0xFF5AA5
int receiver = 13; //initialize pin 13 as recevier pin.
uint32_t Previous;
IRrecv irrecv(receiver); //create a new instance of receiver
decode_results results;

void setup() {
irrecv.enableIRIn(); //start the receiver

pinMode(3, OUTPUT);
pinMode(5, OUTPUT);
pinMode(6, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
if (irrecv.decode(&results)) { //if we have received an IR signal
if (results.value==0xFFFFFFFF) {

switch(results.value) {
       case Button_1 : digitalWrite(6, HIGH); break;
       case Button_2 : digitalWrite(5, HIGH); break;
       case Button_3 : digitalWrite(3, HIGH); break;
       case Button_4 : digitalWrite(6, LOW); break;
       case Button_5 : digitalWrite(5, LOW); break;
       case Button_6 : digitalWrite(3, LOW); break;

Serial.println (results.value, HEX); //display HEX results
irrecv.resume(); //next value

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What does the code do that is not right?

This works but i want to modify It so that on pressing the power button on the remote it will start the rgb led (addressable rgb). And then switch the led off on pressing the power button again.

Hmm I 'll assemble the circuit again using a breadboard and then take a pic. shouldn't take long

You had the code posted so that I could copy it even though it was not posted properly. Then you post an image of the code that is, to me, useless. I can't copy it to the IDE for examination.

Please read the forum guidelines and post the code so that I can use it.