RGB LED-Cube 8x8x8 power supply

i want to build a 8x8x8 large RGB LED-Cube and i am trying to figure out, how much watts is needed for 512 5mm RGB LEDs. Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance!

They are often 20mA per color. With three colors it is 60mA. 512 of them requires a power supply of 5V, 30A.

Thirty amps ? yes, you read it right.

However, they might be bright enough at 5mA, and there might be only one color used per led, then it is 3 amps.

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Possibly right. For example if the LEDs were apa106 or other addressable type. But cubes are often built from non-addressable type LEDs and the driver circuits use multiplexing to reduce the component count and wiring complexity. Depending on the multiplexing strategy used, the current required could only be 1/8th of that, or 1/24th, or... So the current required could be much less than 30A. The lower that current, the less bright the cube will look.

To calculate the power, multiply the volts by the amps. 30A would be 150W, 4A would be 20W etc. Always select a PSU with more power than you need, e.g. if you need 20W, choose a 25W or 30W PSU. This will cause less heat and last longer.