RGB LED fader connecting problem

Hey..I have got my first arduino and it's parts..I was thinking about creating a rgb led fader from adafruit arduino lesson number seven...So i will use 3 resistors (270 ohm) for the led..So will i need resistors for the buttons? in the tutorials, there wasn't any other resistors...And i couldn't go to the electronics shop again for lot of time..I'm using uno r3 -Nexusrex

For the buttons, if you wire them between the pin and ground so that the make the pin LOW when pressed and use INPUT_PULLUP in your pinMode calls to make them HIGH when not pressed then you won't need any additional resistors for the buttons.

Adafruit Lesson 7 : https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-arduino-lesson-7-make-an-rgb-led-fader/

Well..I've seen the tutorial..Will i need a resistor or just like the tutorial without the resistor..Also what about the IDE..Which version is better for the tutorial (size less than 100 megabyte)


size less than 100 megabyte


No resistors for the switches just use INPUT_PULLUP as Delta_G says

Well..Have you seen the lesson? Well..It's better to see the lesson before answering..

This sketch uses 1,556 bytes (4%) of program storage space of an UNO, not 100 megabytes. I wouldn't worry about which IDE to use for this simple stuff. Just use the latest stable IDE if you can.

You may have learned to use a resistor with a switch, because a floating pin is bad. e.g. a pull-up resitor to make the pin "high", and a switch to ground to make the pin "low". No problem to do so, e.g. with a 10k pull-up resistor. The code: pinMode(redSwitchPin, INPUT);

The designers of the micro saw this coming, so they added pull-up resistors inside the chip. You just have to enable them with the code: pinMode(redSwitchPin, INPUT_PULLUP); Now you don't need external pull-up resistors. Leo..

About the IDE..I meant the IDE zip not the code of the tutorial. Hmm,well Leo..All i understood that there is no use to the external resistors..I use the same as the code of the lesson or i add that part you told me about?