rgb led from seeedstudio - red is dominating?!

hey guys, i just tried to connect my fresh 3x1W RGB led from seeedstudio to my arduino. i wanted to display different colors by mixing the 3 colors. now it seems that if the red one is on, blue & green is kinda disabled. also tried on constant source. does anyone know about this or have a solution or hint for me?

I haven't tried the leds from seed studio, but I had this problem with RGB leds when there was not enaugh power. Try to give more power to the led!

It sounds like you only have one current limiting resistor, you need three one for each colour. Then I think you will find the green is the one that is too bright and you have to put a bgger resistor on that one.

as i said i tried also a constant power source so i guess it's not about the power. But i tried also to connect the LEDs directly without resistor and the same happens...with 3 different resitors I havent tried, but today i will do this also. and i hope this will fix the problem. thanks anyway for the replies ;)

But i tried also to connect the LEDs directly without resistor


Do this, you will destroy your LED or Arduino or both.

Hmm, a 1W luxeon LED connected directly to the Arduino.

I wonder what lights up first :wink:

@ grumpy mike: i know, i know. i connected it t a power source, so the arduino can’t be damaged, and just for testing purposes. as the led didn’t die, everything is alright i guess :wink:
@ madworm: i planned to connect the LED to a uln2003…but on the seeedstudio website there is a video with this led directly connected to the arduino (of course with resistors) and working.

But not running at 1W ;-)