RGB LED Housing

I am looking for housing for one RGB LED that diffuses the colors and mixes them well. I'm not sure if there is a special name for LED housing, but I can't really find any single led "bubbles."

Does anyone know of a light diffusing bubble that fits one RGB LED? Or a better term than LED bubble, cap, housing to help me search suppliers?

Thank you for your help.

You can buy RGB LEDs with diffuse plastic case, or if you already have then with clear plastic casing then you can apply a fine piece of sand paper to the LED to get a good diffuse effect.

Failing that thin paper or 0.5mm styrene sheets make a good diffuser. I once drilled a blind hole most of the way through a 3mm styrene sheet to produce a hidden LED effect. That is one where you can't see the LED until it is lit up. See Arduinocaster - YouTube

Table-tennis balls, split in half?

Thanks guys. I tried applying a sand paper finish to the plastic. That definitely helps blend the colors. I love the hidden LED's on your keytar Grumpy_Mike. I will definitely use that on some project. That looks really slick.