RGB LED on board

So, I noticed there is an RGB LED, or at least a red, green and blue LEDs.

On the store page in the FAQ section, it says

How can I use the embedded RGB LED?
RGB: The RGB LEDs are connected through the Wi-Fi module, so it is required to include the WiFiNINA library to use it.

There isn't an obvious way to do this, the WiFiNINA library seems to be for controlling the NINA as a WiFi adapter, and running a simple TCP or UDP client/server on it.

I guess that modification of the WiFiNINA firmware would be needed to support controlling these pins, since I guess this isn't implemented on the program that the library loads to the ESP32 if access to it isn't exposed in the library interface. Can anyone else comment? I'd like to control these LEDs, but I don't want to start digging into the firmware unecessarily.

Also, it looks like the pins connected to the green and blue LEDs are analogue out pins on the NINA-W102 (can be connected to the DAC channels), but the pin connected to the red LED is only available as a GPIO PIN by the looks of it, and the NINA-W102 only has two DAC channels anyway. It sounds like the PWM controller in the NINA-W102 can be used on any of the GPIO channels though, allowing the intensity of all three LEDs to be controlled like that.

TBH, when I read RGB LED in the store page, I assumed it was possible to control the intensity of all three LEDs, not that it was just a red, gren and blue LED, but I'd like just to be able to turn them off and on.

There was a conversation about this last week regarding the Multiblink example. Really great explanation here:

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Thanks, that is super helpful :slight_smile:

THX hope it will be updated.
Also hoping there will be more example code to this next Update :slight_smile:

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