RGB LED Shield kit now available

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDZSN7B3SsA and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj_V7uFtUAA for some samples.

WOW thanks, as i am with DMX this look nice Thanks

Good Product :P

Hmphh. After finally getting round to looking at doing a laser cut cover for this (thanks easty) I realised there are no mounting holes! Arghh.

Please will everyone stick mounting holes on boards. Preferably so they line up with the ones on the arduino but for some things this is not possible/necessary.

I will be cutting a kinda bezel for it but mounting holes in any future versions would be nice :)


I never thought about mounting holes. Sorry! I'm probably not going to do a revision to this one, and my next kit is designed to directly plugin to a USB port. I'll see if holes make sense there.

Sorry! I’m probably not going to do a revision to this one, and my next kit is designed to directly plugin to a USB port. I’ll see if holes make sense there.

Ok :wink:


I've an order placed now for 4 weeks for some TLC5940's - seems they are hard to come by in the UK :(

I think they're hard to find anywhere... TI doesn't seem to be making a lot of the DIP-packaged version. For my next kit, I'm going to use a single TLC5947 in surface mount format to drive just 8 LEDs, but it will be directly powered and controlled from a USB port and setup to stick out the back of a desktop, laptop, or Chumby to do dynamic ambient lighting.

Yeah I looked for the TLC5940's also, seeedstudio has 13 in stock $7.90 a each. If you don't need 120mA sink, you could go with the TLC5941. Only big difference is it can only sink 80mA. They are just over $4 at Mouser.

Seeedstudio Link: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/tlc5940-16channel-led-driver-weeprom-dot-correct-grayscale-p-215.html

Only problem with the 5941 is that it's not available in DIP form, so it's harder for breadboard with.

The TLC5941NT is a DIP version.


That’s great news… when I checked TI’s site I didn’t see the NT one listed.

Yeah I was pretty pumped when I found them. The lead times on the 40's were like 8 weeks from a lot of places. All i need them for is to control the gates on some MOSFET's so I don't need a lot of current, but I wanted the high number of channels and a dip package.

Great work!

nice :smiley:

Nice project.

I notice what I think is the same chip mentioned earlier for 4 bucks each (TLC5941NT) for only 1.62 each with min order of 1.


I ordered some TLC5940s from these folks for ~1.80 each .. now I wish I read more and got these. But the price at this place sure seemed alot lower than mouser .. so I figured I pass it along.


This place will accept a reasonable offer for 5940s


I've got 25 coming (far more than I need so if someone in the uk wants a couple let me know). Cost me less than I could find in the uk so I justified the postage and ordered a few extra.

That is really cool. hmmmm.... I will keep this in mind for any projects that I may or maynot having coming up.


My LED shield works fine, but the analog inputs on my Arduino Uno board seem to pick up random values. If I ground the analog input pin, analogRead() sometimes returns zeores and sometimes very high values. I have tried with an external power supply for the leds, and tried different delays in the loop. But nothing seems to help.

Here you see a typical sequence of values from the grounded pin:

0 0 1 1016 3 0 0 1 1016 4 0


Any ideas?