RGB LED SMD wiring question

Hi, I have a RGB LED SMD that has r wiring posts, however the 3 color posts (RGB) are ground (-) and the common is positive (+). if I wire it up to my Arduino by putting power to the common, then ground any of the color pins it lights up fine. This is reverse of what I am used to with a standard LED cap light where the power goes into each color post and then one to ground.

I need to run this SMD with PWM to conrol color mixing, but it doesn't seem that this would work since the color posts are negative. Looking for advice on how to wire this up to control color. I'm a bit of a newbie so I appreciate any help and sorry if this is simple. Thanks so much.

You could invert your analogWrite with a simple subtraction

Thanks AWOL. Though being a noob, I have to ask for a bit more explanation. If you (or anyone else) would describe how to wire up this config and what the code would do, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Mainly I don't understand how to wire this up? Would I put all 3 color pins to Analog or PWM pins on my board, even though they are (-)? And then what to the single common (+) pin? It doesn't make sense to me how you could control color values without putting the color led pins to some kind of PWM, but the power doesn't go into those pins. I'm confused.

Common anode goes to +5v, each cathode goes to pin via resistor.

I see. To PWM digital pins or analog? And the n I write to the pins in an inverse?

The only analogue pins are inputs. Not a good place to wire an output device. Use a PWM pin.

Brilliant! That worked great, thanks AWOL! :D