RGB led Strip red LED light up even not coded.

Hi! I'm using non addressable RGB LED strip. I hooked up my RGB pin to pin 9,10 and 11 at arduino Mega. I'm following this circuit for my wiring ( see attachment ) using NPN transistor. Last night all of my project is working perfectly, but today when I wake up and turn my arduino Mega on, my Red LGB Strip is light up(dim) without even do anything and when i try to get colour white, i get flickering blue and green while Red RGB not brightening or dimming.

So I tried swap that transistor on Red RGB to blue it happen again.

Any suggestion how to troubleshoot this?



How many LEDs on your strip?

Maybe post some pictures? Please make sure they are in strong light and well focussed, and that we can see where each wire begins and ends.

I cant post picture. Web says entity to large. The led strips is same at this web Non-Addressable RGB LED Strip Hookup Guide - SparkFun Learn .
My rgb led strips length is 1.4 m. 3 led on a strip.

I cant post picture. Web says entity to large

Sounds like "the dog ate my homework". Take pictures at lower resolution!

You have a 1.4m strip with only 3 LEDs on it? I think you should count those again. If you are correct, it won't take long.

Crop the picture.
Resize it.

If you are using strip board then there is probably a loose connection.

Any way add a 10K resistor between each Arduino output and ground.