RGB LED strip without arduino (or other microcontroller)

Hi guys,

I'm still a novice when it comes to arduino and circuits and could use a little help with a project.

Firstly, I need to know if this is even possible. Is there a way to use a potentiometer to adjust the colors of an LED strip without an arduino or another microcontroller. I want to use the least amount of parts as possible. Ideally a power supply, LED strip, potentiometer and maybe some resisters.

I know you can use a potentiometer to adjust the brightness of an LED or LED strip but can it be used to change the colors of an RGB LED strip?

If it is possible, you could give me a basic diagram or explanation on how that would work?

Thanks in advance!

Very very difficult to do.


Depending on a lot of questions, and the type of strip... either way, you'll use a lot more parts and sacrifuce stability/reliability. Go with a small micro - one afternoon, all done.


thanks for the advice guys, i really appreciate it.