RGB Led to my linkit one

I would like to use a common cathode RGB led in my linkit one, but I only found 20mA led. The linkit one has digital pins with a maximum current of 3mA. I thought of using a 2N3906 pnp transistor in order to create a current amplification that allows me to use the LED without damaging the board. In the picture there is the circuit. I only need the colors red and green. Will it work?

Vedo tutto bene tranne che la resistenza di 100 è molto bassa e più di 20mA passano attraverso il led, io la metterei come l'altra. Alzalo a 220 ohm.

Google Translate says

I see everything well except that the resistance of 100 is very low and more than 20mA pass through the led, I would put it as the other. Turn it up to 220 ohms.

Apologies for not having translated. Thanks @UKHeliBob


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