RGB matrix panel dasiy chain 32 by 32

Hi currently i am trying to try to run RGB matrix panel, I have 6 of them stack together(32*32). My main questions are;

  1. How can i daisy chain them. (currently all panels are showing same picture)
  2. How can i create custom fonts. (i think that has to something with GFX library)
    Please answer the above question or at least guide me to right direction.

Other than that if you can answer my following questions please consider reading further...
My panels are 32 by 32, they have 12 shift register IC, two octal transceiver, 16 dual p channel mosfet, two decoder ic
Two octal drivers are probably just there to buffer the input and mosfets are controlled by decoder output to drive the entire rows.
The 12 shift registers are label as UX0,UX1,UX2,UX3 where X are R, G and B. This means that each color have four shift registers, each of which have 16 outputs which means 12 shift register have 12*16 = 192 leds = 64 pixels this conclude that at a single time two rows(one at top and one at button) of 32 pixel are updating. This also means that my panel have 1:16 scan rate as at any given time 1024/16 = 64 pixels are updating. The rows are selected by A,B,C and D address pins which with the help of decoder can control 16 outputs. But what confused me is why there are two decoders ic(74hc1308) when i searched them on internet i found they are 3-8 decoder(i am not confirmed), but there are four address pins even if they are 4-16 decoder why there are two of them. and why are there two data pins for each color like R0 and R1. As there are four shift register for each color i think two of shift register are daisy chained together and one of which is connected with one data pin and same for other two register like R0 and R1 data pins would connect UR0/UR1 and UR2/UR3 shift register respectively.